Grab a Gimlet...

 ...and get excited, because Mad Men is finally making its grand re-entry to the TV world tonight!  Who else hasn't been this giddy for a premiere since oh, say, The Hunger Games came out this Friday?!

In other news, I had a weekend of good eats (and dranks) and couldn't wait to share some pics...
Happy hour at Cochon Butcher before the Hornets game :)    

Uh-mazing charcuterie board w/house-made mustard and one of the best pates I've ever come across!

Fresh citrus salad to accompany the smorgasbord of meats.

Go Hornets!

Pork Bahn-Mi from the newly opened and totally trending Magasin Pho Cafe.  Forget Po-boys, I have found sandwich perfection.

Grilled shrimp vermicelli bowl at Magasin.  Extra points for the funky purple cabbage and JUMBO shrimps.

Homemade "Who Dat" poptart at Velvet.  Coming from a girl who was known to down at least 2 poptarts a day in high school (yikes), let me tell you, these bad boys were the real deal.

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