Weekend Roundup

With just 3 weeks left till graduation, I am throwing all inhibitions to the wind and all babysitting money away in the name of good eats.
 This weekend I kicked off Operation Indulge with some awesomely affordable and DELISH spots...

Taceaux Loceaux has THE best tacos in the city. I realize I am making a bold statement here and I totally stand behind it. $6 gets you two drool-worthy tacos.  Check it.
Newbie Restaurant award goes to Maurepas Foods in the Bywater- Stop by here for some out of this world grilled shrimp with german potato salad.
Bacchanal may or may not be heaven on earth...in the form of a lantern lit patio/outdoor wine bar with live music and suuuper tasty small plates.
nice lil' cheese plate with heaping pile of toasted baguette.
:) when can I go back?

Last but not least...I had the chance to stop by the Crescent City Farmer's Market this weekend and I am already counting the days until the next market day! Fresh tomatoes, pesto, baguette, hummus, and flowers were among the spoils.

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