Euro Travels, Part I

28 days of butter, bread, cheese, wine, croissant, younameit galore, later...
I'm back! I'm back in the land of iced coffee to-go and real, working, legit air conditioning :)
I've left behind a land of 2 hour espresso respites and even longer lunch breaks, red wine that makes a wino out of me, cheese that makes..wait I already was a cheesemonger but you get the picture, and an air of simplicity that makes me want to pack my packs and set up camp over there.
And so before I detox for the next, um, lifetime, I want to share what the heck I was doing and seeing EATIN' for the past month...
(sparing you a picture-sharing overload we'll do this in installments)


 Hola! I have arrived.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain.

Vinoteca, yes plz.

I found mecca!

hello little meringue puffs!

Spanish olives>all other olives.

and then I found the churros con chocolate...!!!!!!

Ominous skies?

Tapas o'clock- chorizo cooked in white wine and honey. hollaaaa.

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  1. Emma I'm so happy you enjoyed Europe and I hope that next summer you'll come visit us in Greece! Your pictures look great, as always! I can't wait for more. (It's so nice to see you back in the blogosphere!) ;)