Books on Books.

After passing this adorable lil' book shop dozens of times, I finally checked it out this past weekend--and so happy I did because not only is it just as adorable inside, and filled with great books for wayy cheap, but most importantly it inspired me to spend more time doing what a young academic (ha! did I just call myself a young academic?) should be doing..reading.

I always keep a stack of two or three books by my bed, and if I'm lucky I'll get through one, maybe two, in a semester.  Now not to get all high-and-mighty-I'm-a-great-reader on you, but I really do love a good book and it's starting to bum me out that I never seem to have the time to read just for the heck of it.  Then I start to think about all the time I spend watching mindless (the Kardashians) and even not so mindless (Downton Abbey anyone...) TV, and then I really get bummed out because, well, I'm watching hours of Bravo TV instead of immersing myself in Steinbeck and Jane Austen and the whole world of literary awesomeness that is out there.  So, from here on out I will make the time to enjoy a good book here and there, and if that means cutting out some Kardashian or facebook stalking time, I can handle it.

Here is my lineup for the next few weeks/month:

-Hemingway's Short Stories (I think his short stories are where its at. seriously. read "Hills Like White Elephants" and you will see.)

-John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces (anyone who lives in or loves New Orleans should read this. it is crazy and weird and hilarious)

-Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate (technically I am reading this for a class, but I have always wanted to read it after seeing the movie, which is amazing. and makes you very hungry. not just for chocolate.)

-Joan Didion's Blue Nights (I love Didion.  I read her short story, "Goodbye to all That" in a creative writing class last semester and it only affirmed my love and admiration for her. In a non-creepy and more like her writing is so damn beautiful kind of a way.)

Happy reading!

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