hello world.

Here goes nothing! I think this little blog might very well be the first New Year's resolution I have ever kept...nevermind the fact that my other resolution to get in shape and cut back on the ridiculous amounts of sweets I've been eating was just doomed by the very creation of this blog! You win some, you lose some.
 I'm going to get it out there right now so you all (I'm pretending for the time being that people other than my mom are reading this) know what you're getting into following this blog. I love food. duh. So do the other thousands of food bloggers out there. I am not particularly skilled at taking pictures of food, but my Iphone helps a sista out with that.  I can't tell you exactly what to expect from this blog except that it will involve a smorgasbord of sweets, a few random pictures of my dog, Hazel, every now and then because why not, some ramblings about life in the magical city that is New Orleans, which will probably get pretty sappy as it is my last semester here, and maybe if I'm feeling artsy fartsy you can look forward to some artsy fartsy things... which are yet to be determined.  Anyways bare with me as I get the hang of this blogger lifestyle thang, I promise not to inundate you with too many pictures of oozing brownies, at first at least, I too am slowly recovering from the food blackout that was the holiday season.

As promised, a picture of my little furry friend Hazie to start the blog off....

Happy New Year (a little belated) and here's to hoping this funky little blog grabs your attention!



  1. Love this, Sweet E! Sure you want us to "bare" with you? Better say hello to Mister Spellcheck!!

  2. Hahah who blogs for the adk store? who goes there?! Hi Emma girl I love the blog and Imma make all ze foods!