happy monday?

Dear Mondays,

Why do you always have to be so underwhelming?  Seriously, you are the least liked day of the week by everyone and their mother.  What's up with that!! Please be better, or at least be sunnier and less rainy.

Love, me

As you have probably guessed, it is a dismal, drizzling, gray Monday over here.  In other words, I need something to spice up my life, or at least distract me from the daunting week of midterms and ever-increasing #whatthehellamIgoingtodowithmylife meltdowns I will probably have between now and Friday.  So what better way to beat the downer day than kicking off my New Orleans restaurant spotlight extravaganza with the one and only Dat Dog!

Hot Dogs. Sweet, spicy, succulent hot dogs.  I'm not even the slightest bit embarrassed to say that hot dogs, sausages, brats, whatever fall under my top 5 favorite foods, and when Dat Dog opened its funky, garlicky scented doors only blocks from my house, I lost my cool, big time. 

Sinking my teeth into their smoked Louisiana sausage dog, topped with chopped sweet onions, sauerkraut, mustard and ketchup, all enveloped in the most incredibly light and doughy, slightly sweet, homemade sourdough bun, I was a goner.  It was then and still is today the very best hot dog I have ever come across.  Major points go to their special bun for its airy and yet dense, doughy perfection.  The quality of meat is outstanding, all of which is produced locally, and all that I have sampled have the perfect blend of spice, grilled to smokey awesomeness.  You can't help but feel giddy, or at least mouthwateringly hungry when you step into this place, I mean, the guys crafting the dogs behind the counter are all clad in friggin' Hawaiian shirts. 

If you live in New Orleans, do yourself a favor, brighten your Monday right now with a hunky Dat Dog.  Throw in some of their french fries, maybe a bottled Coca-Cola if you're feeling extra fun today.  If you don't live in New Orleans, well, you just don't live in New Orleans.  Juuuuuust kidding, go get yourself some kind of pick me up and start planning your trip to New Orleans. That should brighten anyones Monday!

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