Mardi Gras Mambo.

Happy Fat Tuesday! I'm definitely still recovering from the madness that was these past five days but couldn't wait to post some pics from the weekend.  Also if anyone has any tips on how to re-enter the real world after a week of obnoxious amounts of drinking and eating and bead catching, send them my way!


so. many. beads.

birthday bestie about to experience krispy kreme bread pudding at Boucherie.

mah friends! come back plz.

turkey sandy and popeye juice from Satsuma. breakfast of champions.


dranks on dranks.

late night cafe du monde beignets and cafe au lait. herro.

why not?

most amazing crispy, garlicky parmesan fries @ Boucherie.

lil' peach pie with a satsuma martini.

Getting funky at Galactic :)

snack break @ Sucre!

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